Casino Welcome Bonus

Playing casino games is all about winning and having a good time, so the added excitement of receiving a welcome bonus from the casino you are playing at just adds to the good times for all involved. These bonuses are used to entice players to choose their online casino among the many casinos on offer in today’s fast paced world of online gambling. So shopping around before making a decision about the online casino you want to play in will definitely benefit you when it comes to getting the most out of casino welcome bonuses.

Casino welcome bonuses should be and most usually are the very first thing a player with a bit of experience looks for when visiting a new casino, this is down to the fact that it is the easiest and most sure way that you will get the most from the gaming site.┬áIt is were the most part of your free money will come from and almost always gives you the chance to play for more money and for a longer time without depositing too much of your own cash straight away. There are many different ways casinos give out welcome bonuses from double your first deposit to a number of free spins on certain slots plus others. But sometimes they aren’t all they appear so always read the fine print before accepting any bonuses.

What is the downside to a casino welcome bonus?

Although casino bonuses do have many advantages and are a really core part of playing casino games online, there is a few disadvantages to using them when playing your casino game of choice. The downsides however can be worked around if enough effort has gone into researching the pros and cons before actually accepting the welcome bonus and commencing play. One of the major downsides to accepting online casino welcome bonuses is that there are most definitely going to be a wagering amount, this basically means that the bonus which is a kind of free money can not just automatically be withdrawn from your casino account but you will have to play with the money or whatever bonus the casino has given you until you reach the wagering requirements.

BonusSome casinos give you double whatever you deposit on your first go at the casino, so if you deposit a nice round figure of 100 euros the online casino where you are gambling will then give you an extra 100 euros of the bonus money. At the start this is not actually money at all but when you play it enough times it will then become real money that you can withdraw or play with in any part of the casino. So if the wagering requirement is 30 times, this means you have to bet the 100 euro bonus money 30 times so you need to gamble for about 30000 euros in total with your wins and losses. Even though it sounds a lot once you start playing it is very achievable and does work out more often than not. Of course every casino will give you the option to opt out of the bonus on offer and just play with your own money and you will be able to withdraw any winnings straight away, to do this you can usually contact the customer support that operates within the online casino.

Something else you may come across in online casino bonuses is that they can only be played in certain games and parts of the casino, for example many online casinos will refrain from letting you play at casino games that are deemed to have a low house edge or games that players can use strategy to always come out on top such as poker of blackjack. In fact casinos more often than not prefer to give their bonuses on random games that are based purely on luck such as slots. Slots are often the game that you will be playing with your bonus money, and casino use this as a tool to market new games and it also gives you a chance to work out what you think of the game without spending too much of your own money. You can of course move through slots to find the game that you prefer playing so the bonus is not strictly down to one game and a whole lot of wagering.

Free spins as a bonus

Sometimes a casino will give you free spins for a game as a welcome bonus, this will allow you to play on the slots for free but the winnings you win on the free spins will also have to be wagered. You can’t for example just win a 1000 euros in a spin and withdraw you will then need to wager the amount won over all the free spins for the amount of times required by the casino.

Although it may seem like you have to play on for hours in order to get any real winnings, these bonuses do actually work and have a lot of benefit to players. This is why you get many players looking around for the best casino welcome bonuses and even signing up to several casinos just to chase these welcome bonuses. So definitely check around to see what the best offer for you is and always read the small print before agreeing to anything, but most importantly have fun and enjoy your online casino experience.